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Energy Services

Our Energy Services Department strives to meet our customer's growing electricity needs by melding existing conservation and energy efficiency programs with new and innovative programs, sustainable technologies, and energy education.


  • Please call BEFORE the project begins to obtain approval for incentive programs.
  • We do not maintain nor provide a preferred contractor list. Customers may choose any qualified, licensed and bonded contractor.
  • You may use our program as a marketing tool. In return, we ask that you represent our programs accurately and fairly.
  • Please complete the appropriate project information form and contact us to find out what additional documentation is needed to receive an incentive.
Project Incentive Forms

Please complete the appropriate project incentive form. You may save a copy to your computer and email to or print and place in any PUD dropbox.

Get all the steps for qualifying for these incentives at our Commercial Program  pages.

Conservation Links

In an effort to promote community awareness about energy and the environment, here are links to informative sites on energy efficiency.

For more information, please contact Kim Johnson at 509-422-8428 or You can also stop by our Okanogan office at 1331 2nd Avenue N.

BPA Residential Weatherization Specifications Best Practices, link to document is in the second paragraph of the page.