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Preparing for an Electric Outage

 Report Outage

1-509-422-3310 or 1-800-922-7011


Scheduled outages

If there are any future scheduled outages, information about them will appear on the front page and on this page. 

Current Scheduled Outages:

There are no scheduled outages


Winter electric outages and emergency preparedness

No matter how well maintained and reliable our electric service normally is, harsh winter weather conditions can cause outages. We can expect outages for a variety of reasons - heavy snow that causes trees to fall into power lines, ice forming on lines, and vehicles skidding into power poles. Even though our crews work hard to restore power as quickly as possible, outages are much easier to live with if you're prepared.

Portable generators and safety

Never plug a portable generator into a home outlet or connect it with house wiring. When a generator is plugged into house wiring it creates "back feed" that energizes dead lines. The electricity created from the generator travels backward through the lines to crews trying to restore power. Not only can this damage equipment, but more importantly this creates a life-threatening hazard to employees or anyone who comes in contact with the line. Have a licensed electrician install the generator for you. Qualified electricians will use a transfer switch so that the generator is isolated from PUD lines.  Never use a generator indoors or in attached garages.  Carbon monoxide poisoning can result from engine emissions. Make sure your generator is in a well-ventilated, dry area away from home air-intakes and direct exposure to rain and snow.

When an outage occurs

Check to see if your neighbors have electricity. If they do, check your service panel or breaker box to rule out problems with electricity inside your home. If you are sure the electrical outage is not a problem inside your home, call your Okanogan County PUD at 509-422-3310 (or after hours 1-800-922-7011) to report the outage. Don't be in the dark or keep us "in the dark". Help us help you- so please call us if the power goes out or stays out.

Stay Informed

Add the RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader to receive a notice when new scheduled outages are posted.


  RSS Readers

Be prepared with an emergency preparedness kit.

To read more about emergency preparedness, visit the Okanogan County Sheriff's Office Department of Emergency Management website.