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Interlocal Agreements & CWPU Agreements

The Washington State Interlocal Cooperation Act ( RCW 39.34) provides the authority for the PUD to cooperate with other governmental entities to perform work, share services, and perform other actions. Pursuant to this law, we are listing the Interlocal Cooperative Agreements we have in effect.

Interlocal Agreements

Central Washington Public Utilities (CWPU) Interlocal Agreement and Declaration of Trust

The Okanogan County Public Utility District is one of seven Washington utilities that make up the Central Washington Public Utilities (CWPU). As a group, the CWPU makes rules for and provides joint conduct of collective bargaining activities for these utilities. As part of this directive, the CWPU developed the Unified Insurance Program (UIP) which is a multi-employer group health plan covering all employees of the member utilities.

Interlocal Agreement Establishing the CWPU UIP Trust and Declaration of Trust