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Agricultural Programs

 Okanogan PUD offers energy efficiency incentives to help with irrigation system upgrades, freeze-resistant stock tanks and VFD (variable frequency drive) pumps

Conservation DistrictWe partner with  Okanogan Conservation District to help you with your energy efficiency projects.

Contact Jordana Ellis, Irrigation Planner, at the Okanogan Conservation District at 509-429-3468, or visit:

Follow this link to find resources like Firewise, plant and wildlife resources and a vendor list from the surrounding area:

You can also contact Kim Johnson at Okanogan PUD's Energy Services for more details at

Freeze-resistant Stock Tanks

Receive a $165 rebate when you buy a qualifying freeze-resistant stock water tank or fountain. The stock tank or fountain MUST be new, enclosed fully in foam or dead air space, have a completely sealed opening, possess elliptical or flap closures that tip easily so animals can drink without resistance, contain no electric heat, and possess a minimum one-year manufacturer defect warranty. You will need:

  1. Invoice with date, cost, manufacturer, size and model number.
  2. Warranty information.
  3. Photo of installed product.

Contact the Conservation District at  509-429-3468 for details and questions. You can also check out our video about stock tanks on YouTube!



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