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WISE Landscaping

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Water Conservation   Infrastructure Awareness   Safety from Wildfires   Energy Efficiency

Do you want your home to be safer and more efficient? Here is our 4-part video series and map sharing some tips to protect your home, save on energy and water, and avoid danger from utility infrastructure. Let's get WISE about landscaping!

WISE Video 1: Fire & Infrastructure Safety Zones

Read the Part 1 Column

WISE Video 3: Water Conservation

Read the Part 3 Column

WISE Video 2: Energy Efficiency

Read the Part 2 Column

WISE Video 4: Maintenance

Read the Part 4 Column

View our WISE Landscaping map for some quick tips:

Get more information from the WSU-Extension Master Gardeners of Okanogan County or The Okanogan Conservation District.

Example of landscaped yard with water, infrastructure, safety and efficiency.