Court of Appeals, Division One, Affirmed Prior Rulings for Enloe Dam Hydroelectric Project Water Right ~ New ~

On July 11, 2016, the Court of Appeals, Division One, affirmed the Pollution Control Hearings Board and Thurston County Superior Court prior rulings that the Department of Ecology had the authority to issue a Report of Examination (ROE) ordering the approval of a water right for Public Utility District No. 1 of Okanogan County (PUD), Enloe Dam Hydroelectric Project (Project). This ROE grants the PUD an additional 600 cubic feet per second (cfs) in water rights for the Project.


Consumer Alert: Utility Scams through Email Solicitation

Please be on alert for new email scam targeting Okanogan PUD customers. Threats come from a company claiming to be from AGL, a leading energy company from Australia. The scam email presents as an e-Account and asks readers to click on a link to pay their Okanogan PUD past due bill. This e-Account link contains malicious malware that has the potential to access personal information.  


Pole Testing 2016

The PUD will be conducting pole testing beginning in May 2016 on circuits out of the Oroville substation.  Osmose Utilities Inc. has contracted with the District to provide testing, inspection and treatment of all wood poles in the Oroville area and Molson/Chesaw area.  This work will include some light hand excavation at the base of power poles.  Pole testing is done annually to test for defects and structural issues with power poles.  It is a vital operations function to ensure safe and reliable delivery of electrical power to our ratepayer residences and businesses.  We appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our ratepayers while we complete this work.  For information, concerns or questions about pole testing, please contact the PUD’s Right of Way Superintendent, Roy Schwilke, at 509-422-8473 or


Okanogan PUD Commissioners Unanimously Approve Resolution to Generate Power at Enloe Dam

During the May 9, 2016, Regular Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Okanogan County PUD Commissioners unanimously approved Resolution #1620 authorizing the District to generate electricity from Enloe Dam. After lengthy public testimony from parties representing both electrification and removal of Enloe Dam, and reviewing all the options presented to date from staff, the Board of Commissioners of Okanogan County PUD determined that adding generation to Enloe Dam is in the best interests of the District’s ratepayers and has directed staff to proceed in developing a plan to add generation to the dam.


Consumer Alert: Utility Scams through Customer Personal Computers

Please be on alert for a new personal computer scam targeting PUD customers in Okanogan County. Threats come from a computer pop-up message stating ‘Congrats! You are today’s lucky Public Utility District No. 1 of Okanogan County Visitor’. Additionally, this notice asks you to fill out a brief survey to qualify for a reward as a thank you. Please be advised that these messages are considered a ‘phishing scam’ with the intent of defrauding an online user of their personal information and is not from the Okanogan County PUD. 

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