Behind the Meter

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Learn more about the PUD and what we do, how we do it and why, as well as get some tips on conserving energy and staying safe around electricity.


BPA coloring books

July 28, 2020

Bonneville Power Administration designed this coloring book, in English and Spanish, all about renewable energy! Check them out, print a few pages, whatever you like! 

English version: …

Mother Nature vs. the Electric Grid

July 28, 2020


During certain types of weather events, we often expect outages. But what actually causes equipment to fail when Mother Nature roars? Here are a few examples (although not an exhaustive list).


Heavy rain mixed with dust can get inside unknowingly…

Efficiency Incentive Programs Available – Other

July 13, 2020


Aside from our more popular energy efficiency incentive programs for homes and businesses, we also have agricultural and industrial incentive opportunities for PUD customers looking to make some energy-efficient upgrades.

We focus on projects that increase energy efficiency, so…

Energy Efficiency Incentives - Commercial

July 6, 2020


If you are a PUD customer and would like to increase the energy efficiency of your business, we have incentive programs available that could help make those projects more affordable.

The Okanogan PUD receives incentive funding from Bonneville Power Administration. Utilities…

Energy Efficiency Incentives - Residential

July 1, 2020

If you are a PUD customer and interested in making your home more energy efficient, we have incentives available.

Your primary source of heat must be electric. The Okanogan PUD receives incentive funding from Bonneville Power Administration. Utilities purchase power from BPA with a…

DIY Home Energy Audit

April 1, 2020

While you are at home and may be concerned about energy usage, you can do a basic energy audit to identify problem areas. You can then make changes to lower your energy usage and in turn, save money!

INSULATION: Proper insulation keeps homes at the desired temperature…

Project Help can alleviate burdens

March 19, 2020


Project Help is a long-time program at Okanogan County PUD, funded entirely by donations from our customers. The fund goes to customers experiencing a sudden, unexpected circumstance that makes paying their bills difficult.

The program is designed to serve those who can’…

Sources of our power

February 24, 2020

Did you know that Okanogan County PUD does not generate any of its own power? We buy all the power that we sell to our customers – and it’s nearly half our annual budget.

The Pacific Northwest has a great main source of energy – hydropower. In recent years, our PUD gathered 85-90 percent…

Beware the 'phantom load'

January 31, 2020

It’s not Halloween, but let’s talk about phantoms. Phantom energy loads, that is.

Many of your appliances and electronics consume power when plugged in, even when they are turned off. For example, many items require “standby power” to run clocks, such as coffee makers or microwaves.…

Check your energy usage and your bill with SmartHub

January 23, 2020

I don’t know about you, but my bill is always higher in winter. Sometimes, January or February bills are twice (or more) than May or October.

That will be true for almost everyone who uses electric heat to stay warm. In mid-January, our area experienced a cold snap that doubled some…