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Our service area includes all of Okanogan County (5,315 square miles), which is the largest county in the State of Washington. In addition, two electric co-ops and one municipal system also provide service in the county. We serve approximately 20,000 customers composed mainly of residential, commercial, and irrigation accounts. Our electric system consists of approximately 1,365 miles of overhead and 382 miles of underground distribution lines. We also own a 115 kV transmission system, which consists of approximately 104 miles of line and 16 major substations.

Due to manufacturing and delivery delays across the U.S., new services or upgrades requiring padmount transformers (underground services) will likely be delayed until Spring 2023. Call our office and ask for a distribution engineer for more info.

The area in which we serve is also the area in which we live. 

Okanogan County PUD is committed to supplying our customers with reliable electrical service. The following information will assist you in obtaining a new service or changing an existing service in a quick and efficient manner. Please contact one of our offices if you have any questions or need additional information.

New Customer Deposit Policy

computerIf you are a new customer of the Okanogan County PUD, there is a deposit requirement that needs to be met prior to opening your new electrical service account.  You are considered a new customer if you have not had an active account with the Okanogan PUD within the past 12 months.

New account holders are required to give the PUD basic personal information for identification purposes in addition to paying their deposit.  This information remains confidential and is to be used for positive identification and location of customers only. 

For a new residential customer meeting the above requirements we require a deposit payment of $150.00

Alternatives to Paying a DepositHelping

If you know someone who owns or is buying their own home and has an active account with a good credit rating of at least one year with the PUD they may co-sign, or guarantee your account. This means they agree to be liable for any unpaid balances and accrued charges in the event your closing bill is left unpaid.

If you have had an existing account within the past 12 months with another Utility company, we may accept a letter of credit in lieu of a deposit. Your letter of credit needs to reflect no more than one late notice in the last 12 months. It also needs to show that you had an active electric account for at least one year. 

Deposits are kept on your account for a period of one full year. If you have paid all bills in a timely manner, with no more than one late charge or disconnect notice, this deposit will be applied to your current account as a credit. If you have more than one late notice or disconnect notice during this year, your deposit will be held until you have a one-year history with no more than one late notice. Other events such as the receipt of an NSF check may delay refunding of your deposit.

Sign Up For Electric Service (Existing Service)

HouseExisting Service

If you are signing up for a new service at a location that has existing PUD electric service (you have purchased a home, or are moving into an apartment) visit the closest   PUD office and they will assist you. You may be required to provide a deposit. Read more about our deposit policy.

 Sign Up For Electric Service (New Construction)

PUD Responsibilities

The PUD is responsible for the design and installation of all required primary and secondary service lines. We will provide and install the transformer and meter. If you are seeking new underground service in 2022-2023, national delays in manufacturing and delivery of padmount transformers could delay your project completion.

Customer Responsibilities

You are responsible for determining if you want overhead or underground service. You also will be responsible for providing and installing the meter socket and obtaining a State Electrical permit and inspection. You can find out more about electrical permits and inspections by visiting the  Washington State Department of L & I website.

  Service and Meter Requirements Guide for a more detailed description of PUD requirements and customer responsibilities for customer service installations.

  Gather your information and fill out an applicationDraft files

When you are ready to contact your PUD Engineer, they will ask you to provide the following information so they are better able to assist you with your project:

  • Where the building or service point will be located on the property
  • What the service is to be used for (house, mobile home, shop, etc.)
  • Size of the building
  • Type of service preferred - overhead or underground
  • The amperage rating of the main service panel or disconnect
  • Type of heat and if a heat pump will be used

Once you have gathered the above information, you can download and fill out a Service Application to bring with you when you meet with the PUD Engineer.

  Set up an appointment with a PUD Engineer

You are now ready to set an appointment with your Engineer to begin the preparation of a cost estimate for your project. All our PUD office information is here.