Customer help needed in fire restoration plan

Submitted by sheilac on Wed, 09/09/2020 - 10:22


Okanogan County PUD crews are working on their plan to restore services throughout the area, but need customer feedback to help shape that plan.

Although the staff can detect outages, the software cannot tell crews if the damage is to PUD equipment, to the home itself, or the extent of the damage. Workers are currently out attempting to inventory the system, but with customer help, the work can go faster.

For those still without power, the PUD is asking you to call and let us know your situation:

  • If you have sustained damage to your electrical system, such as your meter base, your internal house wiring, etc., you will need to contact your electrician to get those items repaired before the PUD can energize your service.
  • If your electrical equipment is in working order but you are out of power, please contact the PUD so we can restore your electric service.

Remember power line safety: We have many downed power lines. Please do not go near any downed power lines - they could be energized. Contact the PUD to report any downed power lines that need to be removed.

We are working as fast as we can to help everyone recover from this catastrophe.

Customers without power should call any PUD office, or call 800-922-7011. Those without phone or internet service can visit the offices, or use one of the PUD’s free internet hotspots throughout the county, listed on our website at

We appreciate your help in spreading the word.