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questions?In addition to finding answers to the most common questions here, you can also use the search box. For example, enter "electric rates" to find information about our electric rates, or "Enloe" to view all information about our Enloe Project.

If you can't find an answer, please contact your local   PUD office and we will be happy to assist you. These are the most frequent questions our Customer Service Representatives receive.

Can I pay my electric bill online?

Yes, all rate schedules can pay online with checking/savings account and credit/debit Visa or Mastercard.    Pay online here.

Can I set up my electric account to have the funds automatically withdrawn?

Yes, once you have set up an online account, you can enter your credit/debit card information for automatic withdrawal.    You can do this here.

How do I establish a new account for electric service?

Information on establishing a    new account is available here.

How do I get a Labor & Industries permit and/or an inspection?

Information on   Labor & Industries permits is available here.

How do I make payment arrangements if I am unable to pay my electric bill by the due date?

​If you are unable to pay your bill by the due date on your statement, please contact any  PUD office to see if you are eligible for a payment arrangement to avoid additional fees.

How do I receive energy assistance?

Energy Assistance information can be obtained by calling Community Action at 509-422-4041 or 1-877-641-0101.

How do I report an electric outage or a network outage?

Electric Outage: 

Information on preparing for, and reporting, an electric outage is available   here

Network Outage: 

Please call your retail service provider to report a network outage.

How does the Monthly Payment Plan work, and how do I sign up for it?

I am planning on moving. How do I change my service?

You should contact your nearest PUD office. Contact information and directions for all our   offices is located here.

Is there anything I should do before I excavate for a project?

What happens if I do not pay my closing bill?

If you do not pay your closing bill, the unpaid balance will be submitted to a Collection Agency. Any unpaid balances will be required to be paid prior to reestablishing electric service.

What is my current account balance, and when is my due date?

This varies, depending on when you were billed. You can contact any   PUD office and customer service can advise you.

What is the Basic Charge on my electric bill?

This charge is for the maintenance of poles, meters, billing, etc. It also covers other costs of being on the PUD electric system.

What is the credit rating that is shown on the final notice?

We have an internal credit rating to determine if an account is at risk of being left unpaid. Each time a customer receives a Late Notice, it carries the weight value of 20 points. If left unpaid after this notice, the account will be due for a mailed tag and an additional 30 points are assessed. When reviewing credit history, we look at 12 months history to determine the risk factor and if a deposit will be required.

When will I be billed for electric service?

Please contact any  PUD office and customer service can advise you when your meter is read and billed.

When will my account get a late notice?

Bills are due 26 days after the statement date and then a late notice is generated approximately 5 days later. If you are on our Budget Payment Plan, the payment is due on the 15th of each month and becomes delinquent on the 16th.

Why is my electric bill so high?

Many factors can play a role in why your bill is so high. Our  Energy Services department can provide a free energy audit.