Broadband Enhances Foreign Exchange Students' Experience

Submitted by isadmin on Tue, 10/18/2011 - 07:50

Broadband has brought many benefits to foreign exchange students who reside in Okanogan County.  Mary Pat Villalva, an Area Supervisor for many of these students, knows how important it is to their overall experience in the U.S. "Skyping is a wonderful form of communication for these students. Most exchange students use this on a regular basis. Whole families often Skype each other and are able to share their experiences together. This gives families and students assurance that all is going well. They are able to see each other face to face. It is a wonderful way to communicate overseas."

Students and families also regularly use Email and Facebook. Students communicate with their friends back home, and their friends that have been placed across the United States. This communication is crucial to students here-- It provides great support to students going through new experiences.

Students can send or post pictures of their travels and experiences in the United States, and families overseas can share in these experiences immediately.
Foreign exchange students also use the Internet on a regular basis. Many use the Internet to help them learn English. The internet can also assist them when trying to learn new subjects like American History. It's a great tool to help them translate new information and words.

Ms. Villalva summarized how important broadband access has been to the foreign exchange student program by saying "All and all, Broadband is a key factor in promoting good relations between Americans and foreign students. It helps us to educate and raise kids together. I am happy it is being utilized in our county.
Thank you, PUD!"