Energy Efficiency Incentives - Residential

If you are a PUD customer and interested in making your home more energy efficient, we have incentives available.

Your primary source of heat must be electric. The Okanogan PUD receives incentive funding from Bonneville Power Administration. Utilities purchase power from BPA with a portion of their rates supporting efficiency programs.

Very important note: Contact PUD Energy Services for pre-approval BEFORE beginning your project.

Here are the programs we currently offer:

  1. New: heat pump water heaters. Upgrade your existing electric water heater to a BPA-qualified heat pump water heater and receive $300 or $600, depending on the product that you purchase.
  2. New: smart thermostats. Purchase a BPA-qualified smart thermostat and get $150 back.
  3. Insulation. Upgrade insulation in the walls, attic or floor. The incentive is based on the starting and ending R-Value and your primary heating source.
  4. Windows. You may receive $6 per square foot of glass replaced when you switch out old wood or metal windows for windows that have a U-value of 0.30 or less.
  5. Doors. Replace an inefficient exterior door with an insulated Energy Star exterior door and receive $40.
  6. Ductless heat pump. Visit to find a qualified installer. All DHPs must be listed on the BPA Ductless Heat Pump Qualified Products List.
  7. NEEM homes. Northwest Energy Efficient homes v1.1 and v2.0 qualify for an incentive.


For more details and how to qualify, please visit the Residential Programs page.