PUD Participates in 2016 Okanogan County Fair

Monday, September 12, 2016


Okanogan PUD provided entertainment, education and opportunities to learn about energy safety and conservation for all ages during the 2016 Okanogan County Fair, September 8-11.

Opening day, Kids Day, saw over 200 children taking part in this year’s Youth Pole Climb earning the Okanogan PUD Pole Climb T-Shirt. The crews put on three shows demonstrating different scenarios of unsafe practices when dealing with electricity. The crowd could be heard yelling to ‘do it again’ after demonstrating the spectacular fiery end to a kite string, hot dog and a tree branch.

In the commercial building, staff offered several selections of information on energy conservation and Okanogan PUD programs. As in the past, kids swarmed the PUD booth to obtain a coveted yellow lineman hat that was the trophy of the day. “At one point it looked like a sea of yellow throughout the fairgrounds”, commented one fairgoer. Approximately 2500+ hats were given out at this year’s County Fair.

The success of this event could not be achieved without the diligent planning of our Energy Services Coordinator, Debbie Peters and the coordination efforts by Mark Pritchard, Operations Manager, and the Okanogan PUD crews for the youth pole climb and electricity safety show. Additionally, the time and support of our employees who volunteered throughout the weekend helped make this year’s Okanogan County Fair very successful.