Okanogan PUD Commissioners Break Ground on Pateros-Twisp Transmission Line Project

Friday, April 1, 2016

Okanogan PUD Commissioners Break Ground on Pateros-Twisp (PT) 115 kV Transmission Line Project 

Okanogan PUD Board of Commissioners broke ground today to kick off the construction phase of the Pateros-Twisp Transmission Line Project.  Commissioner Scott Vejraska led the ceremony and Commissioner Ernie Bolz delivered an overview of the 20 year history of this project. A groundbreaking ceremony ensued, followed by Okanogan PUD Linemen erecting a structure assembly on the first pole set for the Transmission Line.

The Pateros-Twisp Transmission Line will create a loop feed to the Methow Valley area to increase reliability and reduce line losses. Currently, the Loup Loup Transmission Line is the only line that delivers energy from the Malott substation to the Twisp substation.

The Project will consist of 27 miles of transmission line, 5 miles of 13.2 kV, 3-phase, distribution underbuild and 2 miles of 13.2 kV, 3-phase, double circuit distribution underbuild. The structures for the transmission will be steel H-frame, 3 pole and single pole for approximately 20 miles. There will be wood poles and laminated poles for approximately 7 miles. Polymer 115 kV class insulators will be utilized throughout the line. The distribution underbuild sections will be of a crossarm and pin type construction.

Line construction is scheduled to be complete by December 31, 2016.

Shovel Ceremony Picture-Left to Right: Former PUD Commissioners: Darrel Bunch, Jim Rowland, Trish Butler, Dave Womack. Current PUD Commissioners: Steve Houston, Ernie Bolz, Scott Vejraska 

Picture #2: PUD Crews assemble a crossarm.