Residential Conservation Loans

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Conservation Loans

Okanogan PUD offers loans to qualified customers seeking to add energy efficiency upgrades to their homes and businesses.  The program is designed to conserve energy and promote energy-efficient and cost-effective products and services. Please contact Kim Johnson at 509-422-8428 for further information or questions.

Any measure that saves electricity can be considered for financing.  Here are some examples of energy efficiency improvements that would qualify.

Insulation Motors Pumps
Energy Star Windows* Irrigation System Upgrades Compressors
Energy Star Doors* Duct Work Lighting
Energy Star Heat Pumps* Renewables (solar, wind) Air Sealing

*Insulation levels must meet program guidelines before funds are available for windows, doors, and heat pumps.  Insulation may be included and financed as part of the overall project.

Loan Terms

  1. Maximum loan amount for residential customers is $10,000.  Loan term up to 60 months.
  2. Your energy savings help repay the loan.  The PUD loan amount may be up to 100% of the cost of the qualifying measures.
  3. Monthly service fee is 0.2% ($2.00 for every $1,000.00 borrowed). EXAMPLE: A $4,000.00 loan over 60 months would have an $8.00 service fee added per month for a total of $480.00 over the life of the loan or a $4,480.00 total repayment.
  4. A pro-rated portion of the service fee will be waived if the loan is paid off early.
  5. The PUD will provide full disclosure of loan terms at loan closing.
  6. The PUD reserves the right to change terms and conditions without notice prior to approval and execution of documents.  Restrictions may apply.
  7. There may be costs associated with energy conservation measures that cannot be included in the PUD loan.  A PUD representative will inform you what measures may not be included after review of your proposal(s).  Customers are responsible for all loan document filing fees.


  1. The program is available to Okanogan PUD customers that have been customers for at least the last 12 consecutive months.
  2. Customers must have a payment history with no late notices within the past 12 months.
  3. For loans over $4,000, a credit check and income verification is required.

Participation Procedures

  1. Download and print the application forms or pick up an application packet at any Okanogan PUD office.
  2. Contact contractor(s) of your choice to obtain proposals.  Contractors must be licensed and bonded to perform work in the State of Washington.
  3. Submit your application and contractor(s) proposals of your choice to the Energy Services Department of the Okanogan County PUD.  The PUD will respond to your application by contacting you regarding the results.
  4. Upon approval, contact your contractor(s) to schedule your work.
  5. Once the work is completed, contact the Energy Services Department to schedule an inspection.  After the work has passed PUD inspection, loan funds will be issued and monthly installment payments begin.


Loan Application Form: This form must be completed by all loan applicants in as much detail as possible and returned to the PUD Energy Services Office. 

PDF Logo  Loan Application Form


Waiver and Authorization Form: This form grants the PUD the authority to access employment history and to obtain a credit report on the applicant's behalf.  It is required on all loans over $4,000.

PDF Logo Waiver and Authorization Form


Real Estate Mortgage: This is a legal document that places a lien on the property that benefits from the energy efficiency improvement.  It is filed with the Okanogan County Clerk's Office and remains on file until the loan is paid in full.  At that time the PUD files a release indicating the terms of the loan have been satisfied.  This document is required on all loans over $4,000.  

PDF Logo   Real Estate Mortgage.pdf


Loan Application Process Flowchart: A pictorial representation on how loan applications are processed.

PDF Logo  Loan Application Process Flowchart.pdf

The following four documents are NOT needed as part of the loan application process.  They will be prepared by Energy Services staff.  Upon completion of the project we will meet with you to obtain signatures on these documents.

Promissory Note and Agreement: This is the contract between you and the PUD.

PDF Logo  Promissory Note and Agreement.pdf


Customer Right to Cancel: Under certain conditions customers that enter into a financial agreement such as the Promissory Note and Agreement can cancel.  This form is used to acknowledge the customer has been informed of these rights and can also be used to notify the PUD of their intent to cancel.  Keep in mind, this does not relieve you of the obligation to repay the contractor for his services, only the option to not use the Conservation Loan Program to finance the project.

PDF Logo  Customer Right to Cancel.pdf


Disclosure of Loan Terms: All costs associated with the proposed loan are detailed on this form. It shows the original loan amount, length of the loan, finance charges and principal amounts.

PDF Logo  Disclosure of Loan Terms.pdf


Indoor Air Quality Waiver:  This is one of the few legal documents that are required to be completed by the PUD.  It provides information on the risks of indoor air pollution as a result of the conservation project.

PDF Logo  Indoor Air Quality Waiver.pdf