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Are you a contractor licensed and bonded to perform work in the State of Washington?  Do you have a renovation, repair and painting program/lead-based paint certification?  If so, Okanogan PUD Energy Services department is looking for dedicated and motivated contractors to work with us to promote and encourage energy efficiency for all Okanogan PUD customers. We offer a number of programs that encourage all customers to participate whether they be residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural.

Contractors are key to the success of our programs. Quality installations combined with quality products help to ensure customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers promote both the program and the contractor. Satisfied customers drive additional work to your door when they tell their neighbors, friends and family about their experience working with you and the PUD. As we all know people talk. We want them talking about our programs and the quality of workmanship they received from contractors participating in our programs. Are you or would you like to become one of our program partners? Participation is easy and does not require additional insurance or bonding requirements above the requirements of the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. Give us a call at 509-422-8428 or stop by our Okanogan office at 1331 2nd Avenue N. 


We make every effort to move projects along in which we are involved. We recognize that cash flow is vital to your business. It is our policy to NOT be the cause for delays.


We try to keep the rules simple and easy to follow. Please read the following to get a better understanding of how we move a project along from initial contact with the customer to final payment.

We do not maintain nor provide a preferred contractor list. Customers are free to choose any contractor and it is their choice to make. If a customer asks, we will provide the names of contractors we are familiar with that provide the type of service the customer is seeking.

You may use our program as a marketing tool. There is no cost involved. It is our experience that the simple, low-cost financing we provide is instrumental in closing the deal.  In return, all we ask you to do is represent our programs accurately and fairly.

Once an agreement has been reached with a customer, bid documents need to be completed in full, signed by both customer and contractor and returned to the PUD. This includes the appropriate bid sheet(s) and Conservation Participation Agreement. We generally ask customers to return the bid sheets to us so they can bring their loan application with them. This helps to ensure that all documents are received at the same time.

We will review the customer's loan application. All loan applicants must receive electricity from Okanogan PUD and have been so for the previous 12-month period. It is not necessary for that period to have been at the current location as long as it was with Okanogan PUD. We will not consider on-service time with another utility nor do we accept a letter of reference from another utility. Except for loans for renewable energy systems (solar, wind), applicants' homes or businesses must be primarily heated by electricity. We don't expect you to manage our loan program for us. The information provided above is for you as most people will ask you to explain the program. If in doubt, contact us or have the customer contact us.

When we reach a decision on a loan application we will contact the customer by mail. If the customer is approved, we can fax or email you a copy of the approval letter if you request it.  You and the customer are ready to proceed. Schedule the job. Once completed, contact us. We find it works best if you contact us. You are more interested in getting paid than the customer. This is a good time to tell us about any changes that occurred between bid and final. We recognize that during a project things might change which could affect the final bill either higher or lower. We don't have a problem with this as long as there is a logical reason for it and the customer is aware of the reasons for the change and accepts them. Our policy is to NOT interfere with the customer-contractor relationship. We will, however, get involved to help resolve minor issues that might arise.

Once we are notified the job is complete, we will contact the customer to schedule an appointment to verify the work has been completed and the items proposed on the bid sheet are installed. During this visit, we will also sign the final loan documents with the customer. After inspection and loan signatures are obtained, we will request the accounting department issue a check for the agreed-upon amount. If the customer borrows the full amount of the invoice you will be paid in full. This generally occurs within two weeks of project completion. Occasionally, due to reasons beyond our control, it might take longer. Here again, we strive to move projects along and not adversely affect your cash flow. If a customer only borrows a portion of the full invoice price, they are responsible for making an arrangement with you for these amounts. We will not get involved in this negotiation. Customers will receive a check from the PUD for the agreed-upon amount.  The check is a two-party check with both their name and yours on it. They are expected to sign the check and forward it to you in a timely manner. Occasionally customers forget to do this or they may have issues with you they would like to discuss. Sometimes you forgot to go back and finish up that last little detail. Call them. Find out why you haven't received your payment. If serious issues arise or the customer just isn't returning your call, contact us.

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