2010 Rate Study

During 2008 District staff and consultants from RW Beck started a three phase project aimed at bolstering the District's financial strategies. The first phase consisted of a Cost of Service Study, which was completed in May of 2009. This study reviews the balance of rates between revenue classes.

The second phase is the Equity Management Plan, which establishes goals for operating ratios, margins and reserve balances. In March 2010, District staff and consultants from RW Beck finalized its Equity Management Plan completing phase two of this three phase project.

After several years of studies and review, the Board of Commissioners adjusted rates at its May 4, 2010 meeting. During the final phase the District conducted a Rate Study on the electric operations of the District. During this phase the District set rates that are fair for each revenue class and achieve goals as identified during phases one and two. This stage included meetings with staff and the Board of Commissioners as well as opportunities for public input. This is the first rate adjustment for electric rates since October 2001. The District has been able to hold off on rate adjustments due to revenue from wholesale electric sales.

To view a copy of the documentation on this rate study, please click on the below links:

 PDF Logo2010 Final Rate Study

PDF Logo 2010 Equity Management Plan

PDF Logo 2008 Cost of Service Study