Wireless Service

The 802.11n solution provides an expedited market deployment and cost-effective means of providing high-speed broadband to the majority of the businesses and residents in the Okanogan PSFA. The wireless access nodes are capable of connecting each customer at symmetrical speeds up to 20 Mbps, and have base station processing capabilities of 60 Mbps. The 802.11n platform provides improvements over earlier versions of 802.11 technologies, resulting in higher bit rates and fewer signal drops. The systems multiplexing technology allows signals to travel multiple paths to and from the node to the customer premise device, thus reducing delays or signal failures due to physical obstacles.


Fiber Optic Service

Today more and more businesses require fiber connectivity to keep up with the growing need for bandwidth. A high-capacity, fiber optic solution allows you to scale your communications or data services to custom fit your business communication needs. With the rapid technology advances of today’s marketplace, fiber optics is vital to the long-term success of your growing business. Fiber optics allows you new capabilities to streamline and accelerate your communications through a single-source voice and data solution. Benefits include:

• Speed – Increased productivity and the ability to upload and send larger files, faster

• Access – Remote workers can access local servers in your office

• Superior Reliability – Greater uptime and low latency

For more information on the Okanogan PUD Broadband fiber optics network, please see our Fiber Coverage Area map or contact John MacDonald at


Carrier Services


Our co-location data center is designed to house and power Internet, transport and other networking equipment you use to aggregate and distribute data, voice, Internet and video traffic. The facility feature flexible space options, redundant power and cooling systems, physical security, and fire suppression to keep your mission critical equipment up and running.

Providing critical connectivity and climate-controlled environments for your carrier or enterprise telecom and computing equipment is our high priority.

IP Services

Okanogan PUD provides custom built, fiber-based local access (last mile) for IP Services to customer premises.  OKPUD can extend the network to your facility and ensure a true end-to-end solution from a single, facilities-based provider.

•  Flexible, custom engineered fiber builds to customer premises

•  Creative aggregation to reduce complexity and cost

•  Alternative to legacy providers

•  Competitive access to national and global carrier network


When you need fiber transport services, it pays to turn to the experts at OKPUD. Whether you require an inter-building or intra-building installation, OKPUD's professional staff have the knowledge and expertise necessary to perform a quick, flawless installation certain to provide you with the highest possible levels of reliability and service – and at a much lower cost than you would probably expect.

Transport Services offered within the OKPUD service territory:

•  Wavelength

•  1G circuits

•  10G circuits