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The 2022 Budget Has Been Approved! 2023 Budget Info coming in September 2022...

Welcome to our 2022 Budget page! Below, you will find three short videos that give some background to what public power is and how we decide on budget items - all hearing dates have now passed. Below that, you will find links to a number of documents and studies that support our budget planning. Then, find the PDF of the Final 2022 budget. If you have any problems accessing the documents or links provided, please let us know!

Puzzle Pieces 1: What is Public Power?

Puzzle Pieces 2: Affordability & Reliability

Puzzle Pieces 3: The Budget Process


Want more details on our planning documents? Check out the different drop-down menus on our Finance & Accounting page for:

  •  Equity Management Plan - overall planning for the funding needs of the PUD, such as how much we will need to borrow for large projects.
  •  Cost of Service Analysis & Rate Study - a look at the true costs of providing service to our customers, and adjusting current rates to meet the needs in years to come.

2022 Final Budget (Resolution 1759)