Tree Replacement Program

The Okanogan County PUD routinely trims trees throughout its service area that are near overhead lines or pad-mounted underground equipment. Tree trimming is temporary and expensive; therefore, removal of undesirable trees is an important part of the Okanogan County PUD’s overall tree maintenance program. Right-of-way/easement maintenance and tree removal eliminates hazardous conditions, improves access to facilities, and reduces future costs and potential outages. Selective tree removal will be pursued whenever feasible.  Generally, no tree will be removed without the landowner’s permission.

Tree replacement/removal will be decided on a case by case basis.

Tree Removal Candidates

Trees located at homes, schools, parks, businesses, or other areas, which children may climb easily that are near overhead conductors.
Fast growing trees that interfere with overhead conductors.
Trees not presently interfering with overhead conductors, but will at their mature height.
Dead, dying, diseased, and unstable trees which have the probability of falling and contacting overhead conductors.
Trees that require extensive trimming.
Trees or bushes that impede access to pad-mounted underground equipment.

Guidelines for Tree Replacement Program

Landowner will be refunded a maximum of $100 per replacement tree.
One time replacement cost per tree.
Rebate based on actual costs for replacement trees.
Rebate will not include any costs incurred for planting the replacement tree(s) or upkeep.
Stump grinding is not included in the removal job unless approved by PUD.
Landowners have 1 year from date of removal to request tree replacement rebate.
ONLY trees removed under the authority of the PUD qualify for replacement.

Replacement Tree Planting Guidelines

If replacement trees are planted near overhead or underground lines, the following guidelines must be met:

The tree must be on the Okanogan County PUD Approved Tree List, unless the landowner has received pre-approval from the PUD for the non-listed tree.
For pre-approval, the landowner must supply the PUD with information regarding the tree’s expected size, growth habits, and where it will be planted.
The tree must be planted to avoid future interference with PUD overhead/underground lines and equipment.
No replacement tree will be planted under overhead power lines or within 15 feet from its centerline unless approved by the PUD.
Replacement trees should be planted no closer than 10 feet to underground equipment such as transformers.

For a complete listing of tree planting guidelines please visit the Arbor Day Foundation or contact a local nursery.

To see a list of approved replacement trees, please read our Approved Tree List.

Trees to Avoid

Larger trees are not recommended for planting near utility lines or on small lots.  Reasons vary but include consistent limb loss in storms, excessive level of growth, a history of breaking pavements, suckers, excess or messy seed or fruit drop.  A few are suitable for rural settings when the tree is far removed from utility lines and buildings.

Requesting a Rebate

To request a rebate for a replacement tree, the landowner must first meet the requirements for planting the replacement tree.

Download and fill out a  Rebate Request Form with the following attached:

1. A copy of the receipt listing the species of the tree purchased and the name of the nursery from which the tree was purchased.
2. The total cost of the tree.

Upon receiving the request, the Okanogan PUD will verify the form was signed and that the species of the tree and planting location are acceptable.  Once these conditions have been verified, a refund check will be issued to the landowner.