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Power Sales

Potential Surplus Electric Energy For Sale
Public Utility District #1 of Okanogan County may, from time to time, have surplus electric energy to sell. Available quantities and prices of surplus energy will vary. We will make such surplus electric energy sales under terms consistent with the Bonneville Power Administration's Policy on Determining Net Requirements of Pacific Northwest Utility Customers under Sections 5(b)(1) and 9(c) of the Northwest Power Act.
Information regarding the PUD's available surplus electric energy will be made available from time to time on this web page, and will specify quantity, price and other relevant terms and conditions for each offer at the time that such offer is made. In addition, qualified regional buyers that provide an appropriate contact name, e-mail address and phone number may also receive direct emails regarding such offers. If anyone in your company is interested in receiving such notifications by email, please have that person or persons send an email request to the email address below.
Bids in response to a specific offer will be accepted on the day and time that such offer expires as noted below and must be submitted in writing via email to email address below, or by facsimile to 509-422-4020. If no qualified regional entity accepts an offer made in this manner, as provided in the policy, the surplus electric energy may then be made available for sale to out-of-region entities.
Telephone inquiries related to specific offers or questions regarding the offer or acceptance procedures may be directed to Ron Gadeberg at 509-422-8488 or via e-mail to the email address below.

Email Address for all emails regarding Surplus Energy Sales-