SNAP / Net Metering

Sustainable Natural Alternative Power

Thank you for your interest in Okanogan County PUD’s Sustainable Natural Alternative Power (SNAP) program.

Okanogan County PUD is promoting the installation of customer-owned alternative power generation such as solar-electric systems and wind machines. The program will link customers who want to develop solar and wind power with those who are willing to pay a little more each month to support local solar and wind power generation. 100% of customer contributions to the SNAP fund will be paid to the SNAP solar and wind power producers within the PUD’s service territory base on the metered AC kilowatts generated.

Participating in the SNAP program is a unique opportunity to promote the development of renewable resources and receive some payback on the investment in the power generating equipment. Following the instructions will help you determine if your solar or wind system qualifies to be a SNAP Generator. If you need help at any time during the application and installation process, please call the Energy Services Department at 509-422-8427, 509-422-8428 or 1-800-922-7011.

Take advantage of this program by following these steps:

1. Understand the SNAP program and Net Metering

Download and review all the PDF documents listed on this page.

You may elect to become a net-metered customer and a SNAP Producer, or only a net-metered customer. A SNAP Meter is the only additional equipment required for a net-metered solar or wind system to qualify as a SNAP Generator. If the system has battery backup, additional SNAP Meter(s) may be required.  Okanogan County PUD will assist in determining type, number, and locations of SNAP Meters based on the system design. SNAP Meters will be read once a year.

Identify the SNAP Generation equipment you would like to install. Although Net Metering allows for systems rated up to 100 kW, the maximum system generating capacity allowed under SNAP is 25 kW. For purposes of determining SNAP production payments, SNAP systems rated greater than 25 kW but less than or equal to 100 kW will have their production correspondingly prorated down to 25 kW. Customers may purchase qualified solar and wind power generators from the retailer of their choice. Local contractors sell and install power generation systems.

Contact the appropriate city or county building and planning department to discuss your project. Determine whether you must obtain permits or if there are zoning restrictions that would prohibit the installation of your SNAP generator. You must obtain an electrical permit.

Contact your property insurer to discuss the installation of your power generator. Your insurance agent may need copies of receipts for the purchase of the equipment and the installation costs to update your homeowner’s annual insurance premium. The PUD does not require liability insurance to become a SNAP Producer.

Contact an Energy Services representative by calling 509-422-8427 or 422-8428 or 1-800-922-7011 to discuss your project.

2. Applications, Agreements and Fees

Complete and return the following documents and fee(s) to the Energy Services Department at Okanogan County PUD, PO Box 912, Okanogan, WA 98840:

 Attachment A: Application for Interconnecting a Generating Facility no Larger than 100 kW

Important information pertaining to this application:

  • Interconnection inverter must be UL 1741 and IEEE 1547 listed
  • An electrical schematic drawing must be included
  • If a lockable visible disconnect is required, provisions for it must be included 

 SNAP Producer Agreement

 Supplemental SNAP Producer Agreement


A check made out to Okanogan County PUD for $100.00 (SNAP Application Processing Fee).
Pre-Pay Line Extension Charge (if applicable). If additional facilities are required those fees will be calculated as a line extension.

 Attachment B: Generating Facility Certificate of Completion

 Attachment C: Net Energy Metering Interconnection Agreement

The Okanogan County PUD Engineering Department must approve each net-metered system before it may be interconnected with the PUD’s distribution system.  Location and type of SNAP Meters must be approved by the District before SNAP power generation starts. Safety-related testing of each SNAP and Net Metered system may be required before interconnection to the utility grid is allowed.

It is recommended that you first complete and return the Application for Interconnecting a Generating Facility no Larger than 100 kW, the Net Energy Metering Interconnection Agreement or the Production Metering Agreement for approval to be certain the system you own or intend to purchase meets all the requirements.

3. SNAP Generator Installation

After receiving approval to become a SNAP Producer and Net Metering Customer, you are ready to purchase and install your power generator.

Contact the appropriate city, county and/or electrical inspectors during installation.  Remember to install your SNAP Generator according to the Interconnection Standards for Electric Generators With Generating Capacity no Larger than 100 kW and the Net Energy Metering Interconnection Agreement.

Call the PUD to schedule inspection of your completed SNAP installation.