Sign Up For Electric Service (New Construction)

Okanogan County PUD is committed to supplying our customers with reliable electrical service. The following information will assist you in obtaining new service or changing an existing service in a quick and efficient manner. Please contact one of our offices if you have any questions or need additional information.

PUD Responsibilities

The PUD is responsible for design and installation of all required primary and secondary service lines. We will provide and install the transformer and meter.

Customer Responsibilities

You are responsible for determining if you want overhead or underground service. You also will be responsible for providing and installing the meter socket, and obtaining a State Electrical permit and inspection. You can find out more about electrical permits and inspections by visiting the Washington State Department of L & I website.

Review our PDF Logo Service and Meter Requirements Guide for a more detailed description of PUD requirements and customer responsibilities for customer service installations.

Gather your information and fill out an application

When you are ready to contact your PUD Engineer, they will ask you to provide the following information so they are better able to assist you with your project:

Where the building or service point will be located on the property,

What the service is to be used for, (house, mobile home, shop, etc.)

Size of the building,

Type of service preferred - overhead or underground,

Amperage rating of main service panel or disconnect

Type of heat and if heat pump will be used

Once you have gathered the above information, you can download and fill out a  MSword_0.png  Service Application to bring with you when you meet with the PUD Engineer.

Set up an appointment with a PUD Engineer

You are now ready to set an appointment with your Engineer to begin preparation of a cost estimate for your project. All our PUD office information is here.