New Customer Deposit Policy

Submitted by isadmin on Fri, 06/01/2018 - 12:32

New Customer Deposit Policy

If you are a new customer of the Okanogan County PUD, there is a deposit requirement which needs to be met prior to opening your new electrical service account.  You are considered a new customer if you have not had an active account with the Okanogan PUD within the past 12 months.

New account holders are required to give the PUD basic personal information for identification purposes in addition to paying their deposit.  This information remains confidential, and is to be used for positive identification and location of customers only. 

For a new residential customer meeting the above requirements we require a deposit payment of $150.00.

Alternatives to Paying a Deposit

If you know someone who owns or is buying their own home and has an active account with a good credit rating of at least one year with the PUD they may co-sign, or guarantee your account. This means they agree to be liable for any unpaid balances and accrued charges in the event your closing bill is left unpaid.

If you have had an existing account within the past 12 months with another Utility company, we may accept a letter of credit in lieu of a deposit. Your letter of credit needs to reflect no more than one late notice in the last 12 months. It also needs to show that you had an active electric account for at least one year. 

Deposits are kept on your account for a period of one full year. If you have paid all bills in a timely manner, with no more than one late charge or disconnect notices, this deposit will be applied to your current account as a credit. If you have more than one late notice or disconnect notices during this year, your deposit will be held until you have a one year history with no more than one late notice. Other events such as the receipt of an NSF check may delay refunding of your deposit.