Your PUD is Here to Help You

PUD lineman helps future lineman to climb pole
PUD Lineman Helps a Future Lineman to Climb at the County Fair

Did you know that our certified Journeymen Linemen have a total of over 241 years of experience at our PUD? That averages 14 years per person!  What that means to you is that when you have an outage or need an electrical line run to your new home or barn, not only will you get the timely response you expect but we have the skills and knowledge to do it right the first time. 

And we have the experience not only in our line crews but also in our offices. Our office staff has an average of almost 11 years at the PUD.  Each employee is provided with numerous training opportunities every year so that from the Engineers who determine where to run a new power line to our Customer Service Representatives who help you with online bill paying you have the most knowledgeable staff at your disposal to help you with every electrical and broadband need. We are here to help you.